Club Esther is the project of visual artist and performer Esther Planas. The project has been manifested in various forms since May 2003, primarily as a web-site and as a sporadic series of one-night, site-specific events / actions at venues in London, Barcelona and Berlin*.
Planas describes Club Esther as a 'black cube' - an inverse gallery / museum and virtual container for kaleidoscopic activity by Planas as salon host / curator; as merchandiser and producer of collectables (t-shirts, badges, stickers, posters, publications, c.d.'s and vinyls related to her own obsessions and persona); and finally as performer, Club Esther being the principle site where Planas stages performances by her band Dirty Snow and plays soundtracks to her films and videos.
In addition these events have included numerous guest artists' screenings and performances. Artists have also been invited to produce ephemera such as posters specifically for each night so that the decoration of the venue doubles as an exhibition and a form of artistic camouflage: for both Planas and her collaborators., the work becomes disguised amidst the general paraphernalia and detritus of the club setting.

Club Esther website was an online project that contained my works but also was a work itself , it was very much part of the Era of Internet early experiments about expanding ones works online and it got very visited and known . Sadly and accident with the Host made the website link disappear for ever and some features as The Secret Journal has been irretrievable lost . The web , contained pieces made only for its online format and some archive as well .