Club Esther started as a site specific project wile Five Years had lost its main space to developers and greed.The idea of a Black Cube and of Lust for Art was at the core of its existence. Artist and friends where invited.

Club Esther in it self reproduced outside the gallery space and back in to it a way of making installations that was a sort of Pop, Disco Punk a bit like one of my preferred bands from UK PIL.
Disco Tinsel curtains, trashed stuff, poor materials and mostly photocopies, pieces of raw shining materials, things on the floor, a cushion where to lie down and watch tv with trashy video clip films etc etc... all this sort of formed what was then re-situated at On The Rocks, then later at different venues and projects.

Later, as Club Esther and Dirty Snow the band/performance project, became more known around the art world it was invited on various occasions to be activated on other countries and other spaces.

The project Dirty Snow had take also unexpected force and influence over other artist works.
The Dark and the Pop where to be found else where during the next years.

The strategies of Repetition and Difference the “songs” I sang at my Band as a Performance Art Project/ Action, where just "one phrase" would be manipulated fragmented and repeated during the whole length of the tune.

The cover version as a tool to reproduce and detour at the same time, again Repetition and Difference.

title : Club Esther / South London Gallery / Bistroteque 2007

title : Psychogeometry V / Polish Losers Club Berlin 2006

title : Club Esther / Firanka Berlin 2005