The tradition of the warm worlds where slowness , conversations and walking are part of a quotidian way of relating, learning and communicating.

The nature, the clima, the atmosphere …. all count as the elements that form an ethos and a pathos.

Can the principle of Calidity be found on Northern lights and social structures? Can Calidity subvert, infect or affect its so rigid ways of living and thinking ?

The Calidity School is an open workshop hosted by Esther Planas at Five Years. Esther Planas ongoing project Escuela de Calor, finds its translation and dialogue with the idea of an English Summer Camp, the luxuriating vegetation of this times the prolonged northern day lights and the monsoon quality of its clima.

A Tent will be ready for holding conversation and enjoying slow time and increased perception of sounds, ambience, and feelings.

Guest artist Nicola Woodham who's practice on aural and sound works gives a particular attention to the female voice, proposes to enter the magical space of the Attic Hellenist calendar, as July is the first month (Hekatombaión) of the New Year cycle and to explore the traditions of Amazonian Vegetalismo and the myth of Echo.

There will be walks about the area and sittings at the Park.

Derives and urban interactions on found unexpected situations. Field recordings and notebooks, maybe objects and plants beverages for sure.

The whole days are open to any one who wants to join and there are not specific requirements for it.

More information to be founded on our Facebook page and on our website.

For the next days at The School of Calidity, Nicola and I will be going to varios sites and explore we will be also doing a end of journey times back to The Tent at Five Years HQ Summer Camp .... our list of places are as follows: Tomorrow Dalston Market and around ....and with not particular order till confirmation depending of Forecast and guest joining up: Night Walk to Hampstead Heath , Visit to Crossbones Graveyards gate Memorials, Mudlarking in South Bank, The Conservatory at The Barbican . Please get in touch by Facebook in our page if interested or text Esther Planas, on 07512054323 ...... some more info and latest events will be added . — with Nicola Woodham.

                         Sharon Gal conversation at Tent Sharon Gal conversation at Tent             Ritual after mud larking Ritual after mud larking