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21 March 2017 Publication :
Manifestaciones Públicas de Afecto is a digital publication that reclaims the importance of incorporating an affective dimension to the public sphere that psychoanalysis and feminism have historically made; investigating its possibilities to function as a space of resistance against the policies of neoliberal subjectivation. Avoiding idealizations and recognizing that affects can also have a normalizing function, the publication brings together texts and visual interventions by artists and researchers in whose practice the affective experience emerges as the basis of critical analysis: Valentina Desideri, Andrea Francke, Valeria Graziano, Gelen Jeleton, Mathew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Esther Planas and Florencia Portocarrero.

Manifestaciones Públicas de Afecto has been edited and produced by Florencia Portocarrero in collaboration with Verónica Valentini, Juan Canela and Andrea Rodríguez Novoa (the BAR project team) as a result of The Right to Be Unhappy: on the politics of control of human behaviour and psychotropification of society; the Bar project spring residence program during 2016.

“Manifestaciones Públicas de Afecto”, presentación de Florencia Portocarrero (Proyecto AMIL, Lima)

Florencia Portocarrero (Lima, 1981) investigadora, escritora y curadora independiente. Escribe regularmente en la revista internacional ‘Artishock’ y ha contribuido en numerosos catálogos y publicaciones. En Lima es co-fundadora y co-directora del espacio independiente Bisagra y Curadora del Programa Público de Proyecto AMIL.

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