School of Calidity joins forces with Antiuniversity Now this Summer at Five Years Gallery Space
**This event is part of the Antiuniversity Now festival 10-16 June 2017

Antiuniversity Now 2017 Conspiration of Warmth with School of Calidity

The origins of the project start almost a decade ago in Barcelona's sea side and near the swimming pool of this image where three ladies are talking.

Are they gossiping? No! They are conspiring!!

School of Calidity, named in Spanish Escuela de Calor is about moving towards calidity or warmth as an antidote to the coldness of the capitalist notion of education and knowledge acquisition networking and its weak cultural implementations. Its rooted in a Socratic sense of doubt and ability to question the “status quo”. And is also inspired in the Peripatetic School of Aristotle who could not own a place in the Lyceum and thus walked around between the trees. Since the gatherings and actions started, many sources have been compiled and remembered as examples of how peoples have tried in various times and cultures to set up a challenging school of thought and approach to knowledge, thinking and meditating about subjects, thus learning in the process. School of Calidity/ Escuela de Calor is also an archive and research site fragmented in various web and blog context. It is not a surprise then that after such, a series of similar but totally opposite in spirit (as they have co-opted the pitch as just surface for “washing” the institution) curator lead projects have started to appear afterwards with very similar names and ethos. Is for this precisely that the quotes by Mary Walling Blackburn are most relevant here and now:

"The artists who make pretend institutions (temporary schools, fake agencies, and so forth) rarely set out to invent little prisons or workable nuthouses that serve real people—really crazy, really violent. It is possible that artists are not equipped. Artists are comfortable making objects that document institutions, and they make objects (relational or otherwise) that perform the liberated institution. Another manifestation is the object that is liberated by abandoning the institution, just as there is the object that believes it can liberate the institution. As I do, these artists flirt with soft institutions, playing with the remains of madness—touching it lightly, quickly, and then moving away. In Paul Thek's notebook he scrawls: “Institutions were formed for lack of spontaneous love.”

“To dilate his line of thought, we could move countercurrent to the institution, not by forming another organisation, but by saying, as Thek does: Let me nurse you. Let me defend your body and your spirit. Let me bathe and bury you."

I hope to see some of you at Five Years on Sunday the 10th and get to conspire once more!!

Esther Planas

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This event is part of the Antiuniversity Now festival 10-16 June 2017

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