In the area where I live, in Hackney/Bethnal Green in London, there are so many directions I can take wen I get out of my house to visit a friend to a pub, to a shop, to get the gas or to the park ........

From some of this trajectories and made up shortcuts (some times under quite different mind and physical states and different weather conditions) I find spaces that thrill me and call me some how.

Specially for how it feels to be near, to pass by, to enter the zone of closeness.

This spaces / places, are some times very near to a building that impress me, a special urban placement a "territorie" that id feel compelled to interact with.

To be able to create a kind of ephemeral situation with my presence, my body, my gestures, my body positions.

To take pictures and record it, its about a experience at a very subtle level and it is a way of making public a kind of awareness of the space and my relations with it.

As I do make an effort to get it pictured, fixed, filmed .... time grasping, haunting.

It always starts with me passing by the specific zone once, then another time, then again .. and just one day maybe even after a year .. just few seconds .. minutes and then disappear.. but aural traces left ..that crossing of body's, elements inside time and space ......minimun duration ..lasting effects

Movement paused on positions
Positions by process of a trajectory
becoming pose, repetition and difference
a dance of the pose and the captured seconds
posing by the building I fear and love
Inside huge Ivy arches
Like ancient coffins containers
Found Sculptures which to activate
by detour and misuse