Esther Planas

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August 2014

Esther Planas and Tuesday 029 for the project Fragments at Five Years by Marc Hulson and Edward Dorrian

During these sunny summer days, till the end of September I will be receiving visits and appearances by anyone who writes me a message and by appointment to be entered at the Secret Garden backyard at Donlon Books in Broadway Market site ...... you maybe also go and maybe happen to see her or her and whoever is sharing time there too.

As an Anti-Eve working about the Garden of Eden, I will offer to you a bite at the Tree of Knowledge and of Doubt.

In an act of participation of all kinds of sinful occidental philosophic temptations .....including the encounters with Tuesday 029.

Tuesday 029 is an entity that appears when unexpected and will manifest its presence by integrating whatever situation in which we find ourselves to be.

Dialogue is how it is structured.

Tuesday 029 has voices and presences.
We believe in conversation and exercising it all along any of our practices or even as our main praxis as that one revealed here and now.

Tuesday 029 (some text about the moment of re-appearing after collapse)

The members are summoned to month-long “initiation ceremonies” which combine elements of an occult ritual, hypnosis sensory bombarding, and intense, collaborative creative activity. Following initiation, members return periodically to repeat and develop the more advanced stages of the process.

The point of the work produced in this secret environment is not his aesthetic value: it is not indeed for exhibition. The purpose of making this collaborative work is that it should influence each member’s individual practice, which through the public exposure then serves as an unconscious vehicle for the furtherance of Tuesday 029’s aims as an organisation.

Tuesday26 Berlin 2006 

visitors at the secret garden