Esther Planas

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Escuela de Calor is presented at Museo Macro in Rome during Joan of Art (Towards a Free Education ) project curated by Mike Watson.

Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education takes as its starting point the principle that through art social systems can be mimed, creating a space for free action and thought in an otherwise unfree society. As an art declaration, we can claim our freedom in spite of its elusiveness in reality as art is fundamentally concerned with illusion. Using the resources of the art world in this way new social forms can be developed. The first of these must by necessity be a new education model.

Research has been conducted since June 2012 in residency with Nomas Foundation, Rome, in China and in Carrara, and will lead to conference, performance, and workshop events in Rome and Venice in 2013. This will in turn lead to the development of a free short intensive course on art, politics, and education, which will equip the student with the skills to develop their own social models within the art world. This course will be delivered simultaneously by more than one Foundation in late 2013/early 2014. Feedback from the course will lead to the development of a wider education model to coincide with a free online accreditation platform which can be used by any free school initiative, or individual engaged in learning.

The project is in collaboration with the Nomas Foundation, Macro and European Alternatives.


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