Esther Planas

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For this session I used a work started in 2009 and presented in Sept 2010 in Barcelona with the project BCNProducció/10 at La Capella, 2010, Barcelona. The film had been slightly edited, for a presentation at la Capella, called Re-visions in 2017. I used the film as background, and as with the presentation of the project back in 2010. There was music performed in an improvised way. For the session at QueerNoise, I had my actual set of pedals and delays to generate feedbacks and sensations of a damaged instrument which produced damaged sounds. Wounded sounds and noises. For a film that speaks of a still not recognised situation of Spain and in this case of the Catalan peoples under the neocolonial violence of the authoritarian regime of the Bourbon Kings.

Queer +_ Noise 2018

# a psycho-social experiment #

Presenting the trans-formalities of body-technologies in a theoretical environment of mythological surrealism where to resist techno-capitalism.

Influenced by noise experimental electronics improv and open source music


Reality / Nicola serra / ALMA / Esther Planas / Medial Ages

20:00 Doors
20:30 Reality
21:00 Nicola Serra Il Santo Bevitore
21:30 ALMA (Ruido & Tiago de Almeida)
22:00 Esther Planas
22:30 Medial Ages