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FieldWorks visual Note Nook about my interaction with PISO proyecto as a guest to their Practica sessions during my "voyage to Puerto Rico "

During my visit to San Juan in Puerto Rico, I went to at a PISOproyecto organised event before Xmas:
There I meet Noemí Segarra, a dancer that after fifteen years of living abroad between Venezuela and New York had decided to establish herself back in her hometown.

She invited me to "direct /drive/guide" a series of PISO's Practica sessions for a week and what its been uploaded here are just some visual testimonials of such experiences. During those days and as part of my own ways of seeing the approach to the practice, it was very interesting to feel how main preoccupations and points of reflective inquiry about my practice, were overlapping with the research interests of Noemi and sort of slightly modified, as it happened both ways.

It was great to see how infectious the interaction was between everybody.

In my own world: the whole day will have a motion related to place and movement but also to space and site-specific, picturing those and them picturing me, sharing, perceiving at a determinate space and time.
A Piso means a floor and dancers know what a dance floor means. Noemi has deconstructed the dance floor and made it portable and placeable in alternate spaces beyond the dance's usual milieus.
There are a few elements at play when practicing PISO and urban interaction is a very important one.

So there is a very strong connection between what concerns Noemí and me even though we deal with them on different unique levels. Nevertheless, what is in common is also very visible. We had great chemistry and I can say that from all the people I meet in San Juan (art practice related) Noemí was the one that connected immediately and who actually was able to understand and see the vast and complex dimensions to my very subtle gestures during my small participation at her event.

We both come from "dance" deeply and we both had challenged the practice, it was exciting to meet a dancer for the first time in ages (almost 20 years) that had inspired me so much.

I proposed all the participants (her fellow students and colleagues) very basic exercises based on the idea of considering fieldwork based on a notebook, which has inspired my own practice.

For Noemí, to picture while participating in the sessions is a part of the whole practice and has the same performative values...

PISOproyecto are:
Noemí Segarra
Feliz Rodriguez-Rosa
Coral Aleman
Natalia Muñoz Paraliticci
Ana Cristina
Iván Acosta Dos Santos
Carolina Martinez

Tumblr site dedicated to Piso Esther: