Esther Planas

Copyright 2023

Temporalities of disruption and continuities. Leaving, and coming back. Life or Art? Peripheral existence or sites where to practice, quietly and slowly. Attacked or silenced and era where nor right or left can be distinguished and commitment to an ethos of institutional critique in its borderlines, seemed not enough. More than a decade in small traces of appearing, and once more disappearing. Dependency of being cared for, selected, chosen. Dependency of reification of qualities, which are not so much part of a bio, of someone who always challenged the established and the evident. The orthodoxia. The cannon. Who is represented today? who is given voice? who is out who is in? why for? has anything changed in the form beyond a token in the content, a surface of change so that nothing changes? Becoming a stream, a humble small little stream, imperceptible and unstoppable; this is my praxis and is out.

Sabor! interaction improvisation at La Plazita San Juan PR