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psy·cho·tro·pic (sk-trpk, -trpk) adj. Having an altering effect on perception or behavior. A psychotropic drug or other agent. psychotropic [-trop?ik] Etymology: Gk, psyche + trepein, to turn to exert an effect on the mind or modifying mental activity psychotropic (s??·k?·tr??·pik), adj concerns that that affect the mind and influence behavior. psychotropic capable of modifying mental activity.

From 2 December to 16 December 2010

The BCN Psycho Tropic Workshops
was a site-specific project featured at Antigua Casa Haiku in Barcelona mediated by Alex Brahim.

The space became a site for psychotropic experiences, the host (a doctor experimenter) will introduce the visitors to a series of possible substances, then later, all conversations by the free association or pseudo hypnosis will come up with many ideas may appear.

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